Welcome to the Local Love Club.

Everyone’s invited.  

Female-founded and led with love, the Local Love club is all about making kindness cool. We’re bringing you the best quality sweats with bold designs emphasizing compassion, kindness, and positivity. We’re big believers that style and comfort aren’t mutually exclusive, and strength & vulnerability shouldn’t have to be either. 

Handcrafted ethically in LA, we’ve poured our hearts into perfecting every detail of this collection for you. From the cuts and colors down to the weight of the fabric, we promise you’ve never tried on anything like it. Founder and celeb stylist Maeve Reilly has had her hands on thousands of sweats, and she’s seriously styled it all – so when we say she  created this line to be the best of the best, you know we mean it. 

If you don’t know founder Maeve Reilly already, you’ve definitely seen her work. That laid-back luxury look Hailey Bieber is famous for? Yeah, all Maeve. She’s recognized as one of the most powerful forces in streetwear, and has had her work featured everywhere from Vogue to Vanity Fair. What you might not know is that when Maeve isn’t busy being a tastemaker, she’s also been the target of bullying, starting in school & continuing today on the internet, so it’s a cause she cares deeply about.  

Through Local Love Club, we’re starting a conversation about the need for empathy & vulnerability at the root of true connection. There’s enough space for all of us to succeed if we can learn to let go of judgment & lift each other up.  

Your turn. Start small. You never know what someone is going through, so smile at a stranger today. Thank you for being kind. 


We talk a big game about kindness – so we’re also putting our money where our mouth is & donating a portion of our proceeds to the Kind Campaign. The Kind Campaign is an internationally recognized nonprofit organization that brings awareness and healing to the negative and lasting effects of girl-against-girl bullying in school. Every purchase you make on our site helps contribute to a kinder world for all. To learn more about the Kind Campaign, click here